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Июнь 20, 2018

«Fores Ural» is the small business enterprise formed in 2004. The main activity is logging, sawmilling and rendering services to the population of the city economic equipment.

For 2007 the enterprise prepared about 54 thousand cubic meters of wood, for 6 months of 2008 28 thousand cubic meters of wood are prepared (the increase in comparison with the similar period of last year made more than 10%) . About 70 % of the harvested timber has passed the primary processing. High-quality products in the form of sawn timber (edged Board, timber) with a total volume of about 30 thousand cubic meters were produced from it.

Sawmilling is carried out on the lines consisting of multi-saw machines «Avangard» and longitudinal sawing machines SPR – 1100 «Magistral», as well as machines for processing of Croaker GR – 500. For loading of cars own gantry crane KKS – 10 is used.

In 2008, the company purchased new sawmill equipment, the use of which allowed the company to significantly improve the quantitative yield of lumber, and most importantly to create high quality products that are in stable demand among customers.

To improve the efficiency of logging and increase the yield of business wood, the first company in the Sverdlovsk region purchased a logging complex «PONSSE BUFFALO DUAL», which on the production capacities is capable to make preparation of business wood with a volume more than 5000 cubic meters a month. This equipment is created on the basis of the most advanced technologies, provides the highest productivity, environmental friendliness, ergonomics and creates comfortable working conditions for the people employed on logging.

Data on the results of a special assessment of working conditions

Business history

The group of companies «Forest Ural» came as a derivative of the forest enterprises Antonenko S. N. (Antonenko S. N., Budantsev A. N.), «Serovles» (Antonenko, D. N., Antonenko, Etc.), Serov forestry (Tkachenko O. P.), people who at the moment are the owners and founders. The owners are also business leaders, combine knowledge of management, forest legislation, forest production, forestry in terms of forest cultivation and forest care. Parent company LLC» PTP «Forest Ural» was established in 2004. Being on hearing in the environment of loggers, and having a good reputation in the company came to work skilled workers, wood fellers, tractor drivers, timber trucks, which to this day are the backbone of the enterprise. In 2005, the forest lease was issued for 49 years at LLC» PTP «Forest Ural» and Antonenko SN.. Any free and credit resources were immediately used to upgrade, improve the quality and increase the volume of products shipped in logging.

Tractor T40 – tractor DT-75 tractor KT – skidder TDT – 55, skidder TLT – 100 – Forwarder, Harvester.

The sawing and shipping:

Band saw – gantry crane – sawmill «Highway» — megapel RM – 50 – gorbalenya machines GR – 500 – second gantry crane, built well.d. a dead end.

The company has three land plots:

Gogol street, 1 with access road

— lane Hasanovcev, 14 – garage, office, driveway

— street Avtodorojnay, 1-sawmilling, shipping, access roads

As of June 20, 2010, the group’s revenue amounted to RUB 49 million (without internal movement).

The number of employees in the company is 500 people. It’s all official.

Our mission

1. Our product is wood, natural and pure raw materials for industry and people who want to have a high level of comfort.

2. The ultimate goal of the company is to provide the customer with wood in all its manifestations with a high level of service.

3. We are a company where professional and motivated employees work, aimed at achieving the highest results.

Each of us knows that the success of the whole company depends on him personally and therefore makes every effort.

Every man in the company built a house, raised a son and planted thousands of trees.

4. We are committed to more efficient use of felled wood, and the annual planting of hundreds of thousands of young trees allows us to be confident for the fate of the forest.

5. We are a company that relies on the integrity, reliability, responsibility and competence that accompany us throughout the production cycle.

The main thing for us is the trust of consumers to the Company and to Us.

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