June 21, 2018

The group of companies “Forest Ural” has launched a new line for the production of pellets in the sawmill shop of the Krasnoyarsk Lespromkhoz.pellet

Pellets is an excellent bio fuel produced from sawdust after sawing of the boards. Powerful iridium magnets mounted in the circuit completely eliminates the contact of the pellets of bolts, nuts, nails, etc.

Pellets are Packed in environmentally friendly paper bags of 25 kg.

“Posypka” in bags is missing, no impurities.

Bags are placed on 20 pieces per pallets. 1 pallet-500 kg .

We are ready to deliver this product to the gate at a price of 6.5 rubles per kilogram.

Characteristics of the obtained pellets:

Diameter-6 mm,

Ash content – not more than 1.05%

Heat of combustion – 4900 kcal/kg.


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